The Best Apple Watch Apps To Install If You Need To Drink More Water

One of the top choices available when it comes to providing the perfect water tracking experience has proven itself a fan favorite, earning over 3 million downloads with honors that include being a finalist for the 2022 Apple Design Award and the winner of the 2022 App Store Award. Boosting daily hydration levels has never been easier, thanks to Water Tracker Waterllama, a free app that motivates users with various fun animal characters and engaging challenges that make maintaining proper hydration a blast.

Anyone attempting to make a splash with Waterllama will not only appreciate its likable cartoon-themed design and user-friendly interface, but many will marvel at its array of tools and features, which include tracking how much water a person drinks, establishing goals designed by users and sending out clever prompts to keep people on track.

In addition, the health and fitness app comes with a water hydration calendar to help monitor progress and can reckon how much hydration is needed based on activity level, body weight, and other factors. It also boasts excellent widget designs, enables users to share daily results, and offers seamless integration with Apple Health.

A premium paid version is available that has additional characters, challenges, and even more ways to tailor the process to the user’s needs, making it abundantly clear that Waterllama can be a game changer for those looking to savor the benefits of proper hydration. It’s so good thirsty fans will achieve it falls in the category of best Apple Watch apps they should have installed sooner.

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