macOS Sequoia on MacBook Air M2

Mahmoud Itani / Android Authority


  • A user has managed to forcibly enable the unreleased iPhone Mirroring feature that is coming soon to macOS Sequoia.
  • Based on the screen recording, Apple’s iPhone Mirroring execution appears to be much smoother than its Android-Windows counterpart.
  • There’s currently no easy way to enable Apple’s feature, but those running the iOS and macOS betas can expect an official debut in the near future.

Arguably, macOS Sequoia’s most significant feature is iPhone Mirroring. Through this upcoming Apple ecosystem integration, users will be able to control their iOS devices directly from their Macs. While macOS Sequoia beta 1 doesn’t officially offer this feature yet, a user has managed to enable it forcibly. Based on the short demo, Apple’s iPhone Mirroring appears to be much more polished than the Phone Link feature tying Android and Windows.

Region lock my ass. 😂🇪🇺
iOS 18 seems to have turned a few of us into full-time reverse engineers 🫡

As demonstrated by the video embedded above, Twitter user @XeZrunner has managed to enable and use iPhone Mirroring on iOS 18 and macOS Sequoia. Based on the demo, the mirroring appears to be instantaneous, with virtually no lag or glitches. The user swiftly launched, navigated through, and exited a mirrored iOS app — reflecting a natural, intuitive user experience.

It’s really exciting to dip into the world of hidden features on Mac. One key takeaway is that Apple has a plethora of override systems that are not necessarily super easy to grasp. It’s one thing to get something working, and an entirely different thing to get it working without…

User @thebookisclosed, who helped enable the feature, states that there’s currently no easy way to activate iPhone Mirroring on macOS Sequoia beta 1. Consequently, users may have to wait until Apple officially enables it in a future beta build. However, the fact that an unreleased feature on a first developer beta already works seamlessly only highlights how well-developed it is.

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