A smart thermo-hygrometer might sound like a sci-fi machine, but it’s a simple device that anyone could use in their home.

Take control of both the temperature and humidity in your home with the Govee’s Smart Thermo-Hygrometer, currently on sale for only $8.

Sometimes, you don’t know you need something in your home until you have it. A smart thermo-hygrometer is one of those devices! It can be easy to confuse this with a smart thermostat, which moderates the temperature in your home, or one of many smart devices that keep track of the weather outside. Instead, a thermo-hygrometer will keep track of the temperature in your home (but has no means to change it), as well as the home’s humidity level. Knowing the humidity is perfect for when the changing seasons make the air dryer, so you can turn on a humidifier if you feel uncomfortable, or use a dehumidifier before your electronics get damaged.

A smart thermo-hygrometer is pretty helpful, but how much does one cost? Well, you can get Govee’s smart thermo-hygrometer for just $8 when you use the code SAVE5 at checkout. At that price, anyone can justify the cost of this helpful little gadget. It truly is little, as well—it’s easy to find a spot for it on a counter or shelf, or you can even stick the smart device to a wall with the 3M adhesive strip. Then again, you don’t always need to be able to see the sensor, as you’ll also get real-time data from the Govee Home app.

Better yet, Govee’s thermo-hygrometer can show up to 20 days’ worth of data on an easy-to-digest graph, and you can export up to two years of temperature and humidity data. The historical data can be a great way to see patterns of high and low humidity in your home, and you can take measures to try and get ahead of what’s causing these issues in the future!

GoveeLife Smart Thermo-Hygrometer 2s

Govee Smart Thermo-Hygrometer 2s

$7.99 $19.99 Save $12

Save on Govee’s smart thermo-hygrometer by using the code SAVE5 at checkout.

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