1941 was the last full year of automobile production before America got dragged into World War II, and Ford had to make tanks instead of pickup trucks. So, when production restarted in 1946, the Ford 1NC Pickup practically looked the same, except for its front clip, which was now wider and flatter.

The 1941 1NC Pickup is far rounder than the Model 73 it replaced. It lost the tall, narrow grill up front in favor of a lower, wider one. Its headlights were also finally embedded into the front fenders, making the pickup truck more aerodynamic than ever before. It had a $613 starting price, about $150 more than the truck it replaced. If this truck were still for sale new, its price today would be $13,395.

Despite being a work vehicle, the Ford Pickup featured many chrome fittings, mainly in the bumper, front grills, and headlights. This made the truck look more stylish than its predecessors. However, the Ford 1NC Pickup was also the last model based on a production sedan because, in 1948, Ford introduced the Ford F-series — its first vehicle made on a dedicated truck platform.

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