Experience immersive audio in the comfort of your own home with this deal on the top-rated Sonos Ray soundbar.

Argos is currently selling the Sonos Ray soundbar for just £209, which is £70 cheaper than if you were to buy it directly from Sonos. Not only that but this is the lowest price for the Sonos Ray that we’ve seen from Argos. 

Whether you want to move on from lacklustre built-in speakers or just want to upgrade your home entertainment set up, the Sonos Ray is the perfect soundbar for boosting audio quality on a budget.

The Sonos Ray is currently just £209 from Argos

The Sonos Ray is currently just £209 from Argos

Upgrade your home entertainment for less with this deal on the Sonos Ray soundbar from Argos.

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  • RRP £279
  • Now £209

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The Sonos Ray is the smallest, most compact and cheapest soundbar Sonos has ever made, measuring just 71 x 559 x 95mm, so it can sit comfortably in front of your TV without causing much distraction. 

With custom anti-distortion technology alongside woofers and two tweeters, the audio of movies, shows and games is richer and more immersive.

The Sonos Ray isn’t just reserved for watching big blockbusters as it also enhances the audio and speech quality of regular TV. Anything from documentaries to the news and even quiz shows sound clearer and are easier to understand.

The Sonos Ray is versatile too. In fact you don’t even need to turn your TV on to experience its sound quality, as you can connect your Sonos Ray to your smartphone and play music, radio and audiobooks from all your services using the Sonos app. 

We gave the Sonos Ray a near-perfect 4.5-star rating, with David Ludlow concluding “the Sonos Ray is a refreshing choice for smaller TVs and rooms, where you just want to boost sound quality. For its primary job, the Ray does a brilliant job: audio is far clearer, while soundtracks and effects sound more dynamic and engaging.”

Adding the Sonos Ray into your home entertainment set-up can significantly enhance your audio experience, and thanks to this incredible deal from Argos, you can upgrade for much less.

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