14 Of The Coolest Apple Watch Faces You Have To Try

For those who want that next step in overly informative watch faces, there exists the Modular watch face. The Modular doesn’t simply encompass one face, but rather four. For the main Modular face, you’ll be given a choice of color and five complications to go alongside the basic digital time display.

Although that is technically less than the Infograph face, Modular makes up for it with the level of information provided by the complication. With a digital display of the time tucked into the top right of the face, the rest of the real estate on your watch face is available for information. The main complication within this range is the middle complication, which takes up a majority of the face. Given its size, you can have an outsized amount of info given to you.

The other iterations of the Modular face build off slight tweaks and upgrades on the original. Modular Compact reels things in to three complications, with one of them being the same as the larger middle complication, and the option to have an analog dial rather than a digital one. There’s also the Modular Duo face, which allows you three complications, but two of them are the larger complications stacked on top of each other.

The final iteration is the largest change and it’s exclusive to the Apple Watch Ultra. The Modular Ultra face allows you to set a whopping seven complications. The Modular Ultra is laid out differently than any of the other modular faces and also has a customizable bezel, which can almost feel appreciate an extra complication, albeit with a very limited choice for what info you are given on the bezel.

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