Microsoft fixes Outlook Desktop crashes when sending emails


Microsoft has fixed a known issue causing Outlook Desktop clients to crash when sending emails from accounts.

These problems were first reported on Microsoft’s community website and other social networks by customers saying they were experiencing crashing issues when using accounts.

According to reports, restarting, repairing Outlook, reinstalling the application, and creating fresh Outlook profiles for impacted email accounts failed to address the issue.

“I’ve tried everything (safe mode, new profile, repair pst, even up to and including a system restore to attempt to roll back a previous installation) to no avail,” one affected customer said.

The known issue only impacts Outlook for Microsoft 365 users and those in the Current Channel (Preview) channel using Outlook build 17029.20028.

Microsoft says the known issue has been resolved in Version 2311 Build 17029.20068 and asks customers to install the update by clicking “Update Now” under File > Office Account > Update Options.

“If you disabled updates, make sure to re-enable updates by selecting File > Office Account > Update Options > Enable Updates,” Redmond said.

Workaround also available

Even though some customers reported they had successfully addressed this known issue by reinstalling Office, Microsoft advises reverting to an earlier version as a temporary fix.

To revert, open a new Command Prompt window with administrator privileges from the Windows seek box, paste the following commands, and hit Enter after each:

cd %programfiles%\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\ClickToRun

officec2rclient.exe /update user updatetoversion=16.0.16924.20124

Redmond also rolled out fixes for some users affected by another Microsoft 365 issue behind ‘Something Went Wrong [1001]’ sign-in errors, rendering desktop Office apps unusable for many affected customers.

These ongoing sign-in issues impact those using Excel, Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint for Microsoft 365, Microsoft 365 Apps for business, and Office apps for iOS and Android, as Redmond confirmed over a month ago.

Previously, it fixed another Microsoft 365 issue behind significant delays when saving attachments in Outlook Desktop to a network share.

Earlier this year, the company tackled various other Outlook issues, including ones causing slow starts and freezes during cache re-priming and blocking Microsoft 365 customers from accessing emails and calendars.

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