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Danielle Smith supporters’ inability to recognize that she plays perfectly into the freedom-restricting agenda they accuse the “left” of bolstering is striking.

They genuinely believe Liberal groups are trying to dominate the world through the World Economic Forum, World Health Organization, central banks and every level of government. Smith seems to desire exactly what these supporters are fighting: a government that oversteps, forces thought on citizens, and is ultimately creating a class system that rewards those feeding into her dogma; invading every level and branch of government to spread an “anti-woke” agenda that does nothing to tackle tangible issues facing Albertans.

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Interestingly, she never denounces or acknowledges her neurotic supporters that encourage these outrageous notions. View the comments under her Instagram or X posts, littered with conspiracies and ignorant rants supporting whatever illiberal policy she pushes. Her supporters fail to perceive that, ironically, her variety of populism is not popular.

Countless actions she has taken in Alberta would not be supported if she proposed them using her precious Referendum Act. I can almost guarantee there will be no legitimate referendum in her tenure. Her government is the most performative, reactionary, spin machine that Alberta has ever seen. George Orwell is rolling in his grave.

Jake Bailey, Edmonton

Let’s make Trump warm again

We live in troubled times, surrounded by hatred, anger, and strife. Any gesture, be it large or small, that pours oil on mankind’s troubled waters, is a move in the right direction.

This morning, as is my wont, I fired up my laptop to read the morning news while enjoying my  breakfast. Donald Trump, I read, finds it uncomfortably cold in his New York courtroom and has lodged a complaint to that effect.

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As Canadians, we could take this opportunity, extending our hand in friendship, to send Donald a tuque. Perhaps the Oilers organization would donate one. It could sport the caption, “Make the Oilers Great Again” (MOGA).

Clarence Elias, Edmonton

Tofield boasts bird event too

Re. “For The Birds; Nebraska a mecca for lovers of the sandhill crane, April 20

Why travel to Nebraska to see migrating water fowl when Tofield has a festival April 27 and 28, celebrating the thousands of snow geese that rest and refuel in the area. Local naturalists will conduct tours. Lots of fun for the whole family. For more information go to

Maureen Elhatton, Edmonton

City doesn’t get bang for bucks

The subject of the $100 million for bike lanes won’t go away. We have an aging bus fleet that needs to be replaced. That amount of money would pay for over 100 new buses which would support public transit and many people in Edmonton with better service and not only the small percentage of bike enthusiasts.

The credo, get the most out of limited bucks, seems to be a lost concept for city hall. They should ask any Edmontonian, as they all know and need to live by that rule to make ends meet.

Karin Fodor, Edmonton

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