If your client is thinking “WOW!” the whole time that they are visiting you, then you know that you have them in the palm of your hand, and closing that deal will be so much easier, but how exactly do you give them the wow factor in the first place?

1. Master the art of first impressions

The lobby of your office is the first part of your business your clients will see, it is fair to say it is also the place where first impressions are formed. So, if you can, try to think of it as the cover of your company’s storybook. Is it inviting? Does it have a comfortable seating area? Keep it clean, stylish, and branded. Think less ‘dentist’s waiting room’ and more ’boutique hotel vibes’. A friendly receptionist who greets your clients by name as they arrive can also make a massive difference. Remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression, unless you own a time machine, of course.

2. Invest in a decent coffee machine

Let’s face it, nothing says “we value you” like a good cup of coffee. Skip the instant stuff that tastes like bitter regret. Investing in a high-quality commercial coffee machine is a game-changer. Offering a freshly brewed, barista-style coffee can soften the toughest client faster than you can say “espresso”. Bonus points for a selection of teas and other beverages, because not everyone wants to ride the caffeine rollercoaster.

3. Tech up your meeting rooms

In today’s digital age, a flip chart just isn’t going to cut it. Equip your meeting rooms with the latest technology. Think smart screens for seamless presentations and video conferencing facilities that don’t require an IT degree to operate. Good tech shows you’re forward-thinking and professional. Plus, it avoids those awkward 10 minutes spent trying to connect to the projector, which can feel longer than waiting for the last season of your favourite series.

4. Personalise their experience

If you really want to wow, tailor the visit to your client’s preferences and interests. Have they mentioned a favourite snack or a love for a particular type of music? Maybe slip that into the background music or have that snack available in the meeting room. Small details show you listen and care, which can set you apart from competitors who stick to a one-size-fits-all approach.

5. Create comfortable, creative spaces

While your main meeting room might be the pinnacle of functionality, having a few less formal spaces can encourage more open and creative discussions. Set up areas with comfortable seating that can be used for less formal catch-ups or breaks during the day. A change of scenery can spark a change of ideas, and it shows your company is flexible and innovative.

6. The follow-up

After they’ve left, don’t just go silent until the next scheduled meeting. Send a personalised thank-you email or, better yet, a handwritten note expressing your appreciation for their visit. It’s old school, but it stands out in a digital world. Plus, it keeps the lines of communication open and your business fresh in their minds.

Wowing your clients is all about the details – get them right and your business life will be so much easier!

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