Razer is known for its vast array of high-quality gaming equipment, peripherals and software, including Razer HyperPolling.

If you’re interested in the gaming world then you are more than likely very familiar with Razer. The company produces a wide range of gaming hardware, from laptops to headsets to gaming mice. 

But Razer hasn’t just stopped there; the company also makes a lot of specialised gaming software that is exclusive to its products, allowing users to get even more out of their gaming hardware. 

Today, we’re going to be taking a closer look at Razer HyperPolling, a prevalent feature of its range of wireless and wired gaming mice. If you want to learn more about Razer HyperPolling, including what it does and all its benefits, then make sure you keep reading.

What is Razer HyperPolling?

Razer HyperPolling works across a selection of Razer’s gaming mice. HyperPolling works alongside Razer HyperSpeed to deliver the world’s fastest wireless performance with a true polling rate of up to 8000Hz. Razer claims that this enables its devices to report 8x more frequently than other wireless peripherals on the market, many of which have an average polling rate of 1000Hz. 

HyperPolling works with a high-speed USB microcontroller, allowing a wired mouse to report back to your PC with the same 8000Hz polling rate. This means that it can send up to 8 times more data in a second than some of its rivals, which can effectively reduce the delay from 1 to 1/8th of a millisecond. 

Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro
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A high polling rate is important as it allows the mouse to report on its position more often, which should make it overall more accurate. This is significant for gamers as you ideally want a device that works as fast and effectively as possible, with little to no delay between moving your mouse in real life and waiting for the cursor to move on the screen. If you want to learn more about polling rates and how they can impact gaming performance then make sure you check out our dedicated explainer

Which mice support Razer HyperPolling? 

Not every Razer gaming mouse supports HyperPolling, but a wide selection is starting to take on the software. Below we have listed all the mice that do support HyperPolling, which includes both wireless and wired solutions. 

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