The Eufy X9 Pro moving from carpet to hardwood.

Cleaning up dust and debris off the floor on a regular basis can be tiring, especially if you have to come home and do all that work on your own. Luckily, robot vacuums can come to the rescue, and while they’re not the perfect cleaning devices we might have seen in cartoons from the 90s, they’re a great alternative. You also don’t have to spend a ton on a good one as prices have come down and deals have made them more affordable, like this mid-range eufy Clean L50, which usually goes for $301. Walmart is running a significant discount on the eufy Clean L50 that brings it down to just $198, which is a substantial $103 discount.

Why you should buy the eufy Clean L50

For starters, one of the great selling points of the eufy Clean L50 is its self-emptying and reasonably large capacity that should let you go 60 days or so between needing to empty it, saving you a lot of hassle in the process. It can also handle both hardwood and carpeted floors just fine, so if you have a mix of floor types, you won’t run into any snags or issues. Similarly, the Clean L50 has 4,000 Pa of suction power, which is good for a robot vacuum and should handle most debris and dit without issue. Interestingly, it also has a pet mode that empties itself out more regularly when your pets are in shedding season, so if you have a breed of dog that sheds a lot, this will be perfect for you.

Besides that, the eufy Clean L50 is also quite clever. For example, LiDAR technology lets it scan its surroundings and avoid objects, doorways, and furniture so that it’s not constantly bumping into everything like some more budget-oriented robot vacuums might. This LiDAR tech also lets it create a map of your house, which can then be used to set it up to clean specific rooms on specific schedules or stay away from specific rooms. But, even if you leave it to its own devices, it will use the map to create more efficient cleaning routines, which is pretty smart.

Overall, the eufy Clean L50 is a great mid-range robot vacuum worth picking, especially with the Walmart discount that brings it down to $198. That said, if you’d like a few more options, you can take a look at these other robot vacuum deals or the overall Black Friday deals that are also going on right now.

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