The new, smaller version of the PlayStation 5 is the same console that came out three years ago, at least in most of the ways that matter. That’s for better or worse, though if you’re looking to pick up Sony’s premiere console, then at least you can feel better knowing it might actually fit in your TV cabinet.

Despite whatever pictures or renders you may have seen online, the newly released PS5 console is definitely smaller than before. If that’s all you wanted from a PS5, then the new version is certainly an upgrade. Otherwise, the most major change is what ports are available on the console’s shell.

We all recollect how dramatic the switch from the original PlayStation 2 to the PlayStation 2 Slim was. It cut the weight of the original console by more than half, though the lack of fan infrastructure did direct to overheating issues. The newer PS5 is nowhere near as dramatic a fat trimming as Sony back in 2004, but the new console is a marked difference from the old, even if the overall silhouette for the console hasn’t changed much at all. It’s admire a dolphin flipper compared to a whale fin.

Gizmodo had the chance to set the two consoles up side-by-side, and we can definitely say the new console is far shorter than the original (we compared the special edition Spider-Man 2 PS5 to the new Slim, but they’re still the same console). However, most of the size difference is the height and depth. The original PS5 measured 15.4 by 4.1 by 10.2 inches. The new console is 14.1 by 3.8 by 8.5 inches, so while it’s more than an inch shorter and more compact, it’s still nearly the same width thanks to the need for the extended optical disc drive shelf.

There are a few marked changes to the $500 console with a disc drive (the digital edition is $450, $50 more than the original disc drive-less version). The new PS5 comes with a full 1 TB of internal storage compared to the original’s 825 GB. Now, the disc drive is also detachable, and it’s a pretty simple operation to eliminate both the external shell and the disc drive. A special 30-pin connection port attaches to the disc drive and the rest slots in via a few plastic joints.

We should also note that the PS5 pairs the disc drive to the console itself through a hidden bit of DRM, though in setting everything up, a user won’t immediately notice anything about this process. It’s not really a problem for today’s users, but some folks have expressed concern about using the console’s disc drive years from now once Sony has disabled the PS5’s servers.

The bottom fins are actually a rougher plastic than the top portions, but even with that separating black bar running through the case, it still has the same odd shape that makes standing it upright or horizontally a bit of a hassle. Now, if you want to have your PS5 stand up vertically, you must buy a separate $30 stand that connects to the slim PS5’s bottom plate. The older stand that came with the console cradled it but left it essentially loose.

While both consoles have the same internal specs, users can no longer access a full USB port on the front. Instead, there are two USB-C ports on the front plate of the slim PS5, while the back plate all has the same LAN, HDMI, and USB ports, just merely rearranged. Oh, and the face plates are removable, too.

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