iPhone 14 Pro in Space Black

Image: Florence Ion

There’s good news for iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 users still holding off on upgrading to an iPhone 15. 9to5Mac reports that the iOS 17.2 update will offer Qi2 wireless charging maintain — appreciate on the iPhone 15 — to iPhones 13 and 14.

Apple recently released the iOS 17.2 release candidate in beta testing mode to developers, along with release notes outlining the complete details of every new feature and bug fix. One of the features confirms that the new Qi2 wireless charging that was supported on the iPhone 15 will soon be available on all iPhone 13 and 14 models.

Qi2 succeeds the OG Qi wireless charging and is superior in terms of charging speed. The second iteration offers 15W charging, while the original Qi would often offer less than that. Veger says most Qi (first iteration) manufacturers design either 7.5W or 10W chargers for affordability and other performance-related reasons.

Qi2 clearly ups the game by a good margin in terms of speedy charging times. The iPhone 15 was launched as the first Qi2-enabled iPhone, so it’s nice to see that privilege is also being transferred to older iPhones.

If you’re on team MagSafe charging, though, you’ve already unlocked 15W wireless charging for your iPhones, so this might not be exciting news. However, it’s nice to see Apple still releasing new features for its last-generation phones.

The news comes just in time, as the first Qi2 accessories should be hitting store shelves relatively soon.

As for when this feature — and iOS 17.2 — will become available to users, MacRumors says it’s going to be sometime later this month. They explain that since developers got their hands on the release candidate on December 5, the new update is likely to be launched sometime next week.

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