Who wants to clean their own homes? It’s something we have to do, but why shouldn’t we work to find a way to do it without making it harder than it has to be? A fancy new robot vacuum that can do all of the work for you is definitely the way to go, especially when you can grab one for a great price. The Dreametech L20 Ultra robot vacuum is currently a great robot vacuum deal with Wellbots offering you a top-notch vacuum for just $799 when you enter our DREAMECNET300 discount code at checkout.

The Dreametech L20 Ultra has a lot of smarts under the hood, and that includes not only being able to map your house but also various objects around it. With up to 55 different objects it can detect, it can avoid furniture and other obstacles without constantly running into things and causing scuffs or getting stuck. It also has a very powerful 7000pa suction that works just as well on hard floors as it does on carpet, so if you have a mix of both, you’re in luck.

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With a huge 6400mAh battery, this thing can last quite a while, and when it’s near the end of its battery life, it automatically routes itself back to the base station to charge. As you might have gleaned from the picture, the base station is also where the L20 Ultra goes to empty itself. While Dreametech suggests the base’s 3.2-liter bag can hold around 75 days’ worth of debris, that depends on how much dirt and dust you get.

Overall, it’s hard to beat the Dreamtech L20 Ultra when it comes to tech and vacuuming power, especially for the price it’s going for. But remember that price isn’t going to last for long so keep that in mind when planning your new robot vacuum purchase.

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