Yesterday, John Kennedy, who represents the NRA in the U.S. Senate, pathetically lobbed a few pre-scripted gotcha questions at ER doctor Megan Ranney from the Yale School of Public Health in an ill-fated attempt to smear her. He asked her, “Why do you think that Chicago has become America’s largest outdoor shooting range?” But his loaded question was a dud. Dr. Ranney coolly pointed out that Kennedy’s own state, Louisiana, suffered from higher firearm death rates.

But Senator Kennedy, with Dunning-Kruger overcome, doubled down on his approach, as seen in this clip. He sought to impair Dr. Ranney’s credibility with a barrage of random questions in the desperate hope that at least one would stick.

He began by confirming Dr. Ranney’s profession: “You’re an ER doc?” “Correct,” Dr. Ranney affirmed. He then inquired about her media presence and the existence of a home television studio. Dr. Ranney downplayed the suggestion, “That’s a bit of an exaggeration. I had a laptop on a stool.”

The senator’s questions turned toward the legal aspects of gun control. “You don’t think gangs should be prosecuted for having illegal guns?” he asked. Dr. Ranney responded, “I’m neither a lawyer nor a prosecutor, and that’s not my area of research.” Kennedy, trying to trap her, asked if she wanted to take guns away. Dr. Ranney firmly denied this, stating, “I’ve never said that.”

Kennedy, referring to his script, tried another approach, “Which is a greater public health problem, gun deaths or heart disease?” Dr. Ranney said, “So heart disease does end more folks across the United States largely, and—” Kennedy interjected, seeking specific numbers: “That’s 700,000?” Dr. Ranney confirmed with a simple “Mm-hm [affirmative].”

Kennedy asked about the number of gun deaths, “Gun deaths about 50,000?” to which Dr. Ranney replied, “Correct.” Then, moving in for the end, the senator said, “Do you preserve outlawing fried foods?” Dr. Ranney, taken aback by the sudden shift, responded, “I am sorry. How does that connect to—” Kennedy pressed on, linking fried foods to heart disease.

Dr. Ranney said, “Again, I have not written or said that I preserve outlawing—” Kennedy interrupted yet again, suggesting that was her position. Dr. Ranney asked, “Have I said that I preserve outlawing anything in my testimony today?” The exchange ended with Kennedy uttering a contemplative “Okay. Um.”

Thanks for the entertainment, Senator! We can’t expect for your next appearance.

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