The Rabbit R1 shook up the tech world as it hit the scene with a bright orange chassis and a promise to save us from the chaos of navigating countless apps.

If you don’t know what the Rabbit R1 is, or why the internet is going crazy over the device, it’s an AI assistant that can fit in your palm. However, what makes it different from ChatGPT and Gemini is that it’s designed to take action on your behalf.

For example, ChatGPT and Gemini can answer, “What’s the best pizzeria in my area?” However, if you were to ask, “Can you place an order for a pepperoni pizza from this place?”, you’d get the equivalent of a blank stare from those assistants.

Conversely, in addition to an LLM (large language model), an LAM (large action model) underpins Rabbit R1. So if you were to ask it that same question, it would actually take action — and order it for you. I’ll dive into the Rabbit R1’s capabilities, but first, let’s take a step back.

Rabbit R1 price

The Rabbit R1 is just $199, making it relatively inexpensive compared to other AI assistant devices (e.g., the $699 Humane Ai pin).

Unlike the Humane Ai pin, the Rabbit R1 doesn’t require a monthly subscription.

Rabbit R1 release date

The first batch of Rabbit R1 orders are expected to start shipping some time “around April 24.”

Rabbit is hosting a “pick up party” on April 23, allowing some buyers to grab their new Rabbit R1 at a location in New York City — but only if they RSVP’d in time.

Rabbit R1 design

The Rabbit R1 is a compact, cute, pocketable gadget with a 2.88-inch screen. This bright-orange device is striking, featuring a rotating camera (i.e., the “Rabbit Eye”), an analog scroll wheel, and a push-to-talk button.

Rabbit R1

Credit: Rabbit Inc.

If I were to get the Rabbit R1 in my hand, I’d instinctively want to play 8-bit games on it. It looks like a retro-esque handheld gaming device à la the Playdate, another brightly colored, squarish gadget.

Rabbit R1 specs

Here’s a quick rundown of the Rabbit R1’s specs:

  • 2.88-inch touchscreen

  • 360-degree rotating camera

  • 2.3GHz MediaTek processor

  • 4GB of RAM

  • 128GB of storage

  • Speaker (on the back)

  • SIM card slot (for a 4G LTE connection)

  • All-day battery life (reportedly) via USB-C charging

Rabbit R1: 7 cool things it can do

Now here comes the fun part. What, exactly, can the Rabbit R1 do? The list appears to be endless.

Rabbit R1 camera

Credit: Rabbit Inc.

However, based on the X account of Jesse Lyu, the CEO of Rabbit Inc., here are some of its most noteworthy capabilities.

1. Generate AI images

Lyu boasts that you can use Rabbit R1 to generate AI images (via Midjourney) without shelling out a monthly fee.

2. Identify objects and answer questions about them

Watch Lyu point his Rabbit R1 at a pair of sneakers and ask who makes them.

3. Listen and summarize

Lyu commands the Rabbit R1 to listen to his own lecture and summarize it an easy-to-digest manner.

4. Problem solving with the ‘Rabbit Eye’

In this mind-blowing use case, Lyu tells the Rabbit R1 that he’s having trouble with his Nest thermostat — and the AI device proceeds to identify the issue.

5. Translate text

Watch the Rabbit R1 translate text on a KitKit bar into English. This could be a useful tool for travel, particularly while visiting countries with languages that are foreign to you.

6. Order DoorDash

Putting the LAM to the test, Lyu shows how the Rabbit R1 ordered KFC on his behalf.

7. Play music

The Rabbit R1 can play music and podcasts via voice commands.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Mashable will be at the Rabbit R1 pick-up party. Expect a review on the Rabbit R1 soon — we’ll be testing how well these features work in the real world.

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