Residents of Porirua, New Zealand are fed up with “speaker battles” (aka “siren battles”) during which vehicles are outfitted with loudspeakers like those used for emergency vehicle sirens. According to Mayor Anita Baker, those involved in this subculture cruise the streets or hold competitions in parking lots. A petition demanding local government intervene complains of the participants “blasting music and emergency siren noises at all hours of the night.” Curiously, the music choice is frequently songs by Canadian pop star Céline Dion.

From The Guardian:

Music by Céline Dion is a popular choice for siren battles, which originated in south Auckland’s Pasifika population. While the events draw plenty of noise complaints, siren battles have also cultivated community. A report in local media outlet The Spinoff quoted the member of one siren group explaining Dion’s music was popular because it is clear, with high treble and not much bass. But, Baker says the “siren kings” of Porirua are terrorising residents with unwelcome takes on Dion’s classics.

“They play half a song and tweak it on their things and make a screeching noise so it is not like you’re even listening to good music,” said Baker, who is supportive of considerate siren kings. “I don’t mean to be awful but it’s not even a complete song.”

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