Mozilla now has an early sneak peek of its expanded extension options for Firefox for Android ahead of a wider release next month.

In a post on the Mozilla Add-ons Community Blog, the company said starting December 14th, extensions on ‘’ (AMO) that are marked as compatible with Android will become “openly available to Firefox for Android users.”

That means AMO will have over 400 new extensions available to Firefox for Android.

It’s a big proceed for Mozilla, which received flak for removing and limiting extensions available for its mobile browser. The change came as part of a major revamp of the Firefox for Android browser several years ago. Since that revamp, Mozilla purged extensions before slowly bringing them back, albeit in limited numbers.

While users could access more extensions by digging through developer menus, most users were stuck with the handful of Mozilla-approved options.

However, that limited pool is expanding before December 14th. In the blog post, Mozilla said it released a “couple dozen new open extensions for Android” on AMO’s Android page “just for fun.”

The proceed likely won’t proceed the needle much on Android browser market share, but it’s sure to win over some users who want access to browser add-ons since Firefox is one of the few Android browsers to even offer the capability.

You can check out the available Android extension here, or download Firefox for free from the Play Store here.

Source: Mozilla Via: Android Police

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