The next motorcycle to unite Pink’s collection was a truly unique one. In January 2019, Pink received a custom bike made by Evan Favaro of Speakeasy Motors, dubbed the Ol’ 57 – 2017 Speakeasy Custom Evo. Rather than using any paint, the entire bike was colored in a combination of raw steel and brass. This bike has no fairings except for a custom-made seat and rear tire fender, which also serves as the vehicle’s gas tank. Everything on the bike is on display.

The exposed frame particularly reveals and accentuates the curvature of the V-Twin engine, which is placed right at the top of the stack since the gas tank is in the back. It also has a few other stylish details, such as unique metal plates in the center of the wheels. Pink posted a picture of herself posing with the bike captioned “New year, [new] motorcycle.”

This bike’s design is so unique that it’s captured the attention of several enthusiasts. “From the one-off 16w Fabworks prototype rear suspension to the frame-as-oil-tank and beyond, it’s certainly not a typical motorcycle of any one style,” says Mark Masker of Cruiser. “It definitely swims in the extreme end of the customization gene pool, though, and that’s worth talking about.”

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