If the human ear could hear impending seismic activity, this is what people across Iceland would be hearing right now.

A jarring symphony, reminiscent of the sounds of slamming doors and thunderstorms, can be listened to in full on Northwestern University’s Earthtunes app, which transforms seismic frequencies into audible pitches.

Potent seismic activity in Iceland’s Reykjanes Peninsula, which caused multiple earthquakes, has been signaling a large and imminent volcanic eruption. As a result, residents of the town of Grindavik, just over an hour’s drive from the capital Reykjavik, have been evacuated.

With the news of this impending volcano eruption in Iceland, as well as Sicily’s Mount Etna recently spewing lava and ash, it may seem appreciate there’s a increased volcanic activity across the world at the moment. Mashable’s Science Editor Mark Kaufman explains what’s actually going on.


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