The Google Pixel 8 continues to offer outstanding value for money but this latest contract with 100GB data takes the cake.

Right now you can bag the slick Pixel 8 smartphone with that aforementioned ton of data for just £129 upfront and only £19.99 a month. Compared to contracts for the iPhone 15, this is far more budget friendly and yet you’re still getting one of the best Android smartphones to date.

Even if you’re currently an iPhone user scouting the market for an upgrade, the Pixel 8 is a great alternative and thanks to Google’s stock take on Android, it’s as close to iOS as you’ll find outside of Apple’s ecosystem.

The Pixel 8 is going cheap

The Pixel 8 is going cheap

With all the features that the Pixel 8 brings to the table, not to mention the 100GB of data thrown in here, you won’t find a better value phone contract right now.

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  • Just £129 upfront
  • Only £19.99/month

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While there are plenty of reasons to like the Pixel 8, the real star of the show is the camera set-up. Google’s post-computational skills have long been the Pixel line-up’s secret weapon and it’s no different on the company’s latest handset.

In his 4.5-star review for the phone, Mobiles Editor Lewis Painter wrote: “Low-light photography is another strong point of the Pixel 8, delivering images packed with light and vibrant colours that make the London night cityscape look particularly tasty. There’s still the occasional lens flare where the source of light is directly in the image, but I’d say it adds to the overall look of the image, rather than detracting from it.”

This is all before mentioning the editing features on the Pixel 8 which are so good that I will occasionally swap over to the phone from my iPhone 15 just so I can tweak a handful of photos to my exact liking.

Magic Eraser in particular feels like an ingenious invention as it lets you remove any unwanted subjects or objects from a photo to give it a cleaner look. Similarly, if you’re taking a group shot, Best Take will let you use parts from multiple shots so that in the final product, everyone is smiling just as you’d hope.

Beyond the cameras, Pixel 8 users can enjoy a stunning 6.2-inch OLED display, a proper all-day battery life and, arguably its most impressive feature for consumers, a whopping seven years of updates to give you extended value on your purchase.

For a great handset that’ll see you well into the future and with a minimal monthly cost to tend with, you won’t find anything better than this Pixel 8 offering.

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