It probably won’t surprise you at this point that finding the right wireless charger for Galaxy phones isn’t as easy as it should be. Starting with the Galaxy S22 series in 2022, you need an official Samsung branded or Samsung certified charger to get the fastest wireless charging speed, 15W. Even though the phones theoretically use the Qi wireless charging standard, generic Qi chargers top out at 10W.

You might find Samsung support community threads about this, but no official word from Samsung. The closest thing to official confirmation comes from an August 2022 sponsored post at Android Police that was paid for by mobile phone accessory manufacturer Spigen to promote its Samsung-certified wireless charger. “The charger is certified by Samsung and supports Samsung Super Fast Wireless Charging, which means it can deliver up to 15W charging speeds to the Samsung Galaxy S22 series,” it reads. “Until now, Samsung’s first-party offerings were the only ones capable of doing so, and more choices are always welcome.”

The bad news is that these are much more expensive than generic Qi chargers. The Spigen retails for $74.99 but can usually be found for $59.99 at Amazon, while Samsung’s pad — which also includes a 25W PPS charger — has a $59.99 MSRP but can be had for $15 to $20 less at Amazon depending on the color and even less on eBay.

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