Apple News+ now has crossword puzzles — but you need to know where to look for them. Here’s how you can do a daily crossword right from your Mac or iPhone.

Apple introduced a new feature into their News app — Crossword puzzles. Each day, there is one full-size crossword puzzle and one new mini crossword puzzle.

The full-size crossword puzzles increase in difficulty every day, starting with the easiest on Monday and the hardest on Sunday. The mini crossword puzzles are designed to be quicker and easier.

How to access Apple News+ crossword puzzles in iOS 17

  • Open the News app
  • Tap the Following tab
  • Tap Puzzles

The one caveat is that you must be an Apple News+ subscriber to access the puzzles. Apple News+ costs $9.99 monthly as a standalone subscription and is included in the $32.95/month Apple One Premier subscription.

Additionally, if you’re running macOS Sonoma, you can play the daily crosswords on your Mac, too. Here’s how:

How to access Apple News+ crossword puzzles in macOS Sonoma

  • Open the News app
  • In the sidebar, select Puzzles

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