If you want to save the effort of building your own backpack, several companies offer ready-made streaming backpacks, so you can get streaming in no time. The ‘Gunrun’ IRL Backpack v7 offers an all-in-one solution for your streaming needs. The IRL Backpack v7 ships worldwide, and is certified for aircraft cabin luggage, so you can travel with your streaming devices wherever you go.

The backpack is powered by the LiveU Solo Pro encoder, which is capable of streaming 4K video footage at 20 Mbps. Compatible with any camera with HDMI or SDI outputs, the Solo Pro combines multiple cellular and Wi-Fi networks for a high-speed internet connection. In addition to H.264 encoding, the Solo Pro also supports HEVC encoding for even better performance.

For streaming in the toughest conditions, the backpack is equipped with the Sony FDR-X3000 Action Cam which offers a wide-angle lens at a stunning 4K resolution. The backpack also features all the necessary cables for you to go live, offering a hassle-free setup. 

The backpack also works seamlessly with IRLToolkit — a cloud service that lets you control and monitor your stream in real time. Buying a pre-made IRL streaming backpack is a fast streaming solution that cuts many corners, but it will cost more than assembling the components individually.

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