Google Pixel 8 display in bright room.

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Pixel 7, Pixel Fold, and Pixel 8 owners this month are getting a second update — this one designed to address problems involving missing phone calls and text messages over cellular connections. On a support page, Verizon announced that this update, which kicked off on April 18, provides performance improvements for LTE call/data and network issues.

Spotted in a Reddit post by 9to5Google, an email sent to a Pixel customer confirms the update is for the Pixel 7 and newer. The email says that the update includes network stability and performance improvements and will roll out over the coming weeks to impacted regions and carriers around the world.

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The update fixes a missing phone call and text message glitch, 9to5Google said. In recent months, some users have complained that calls go directly to voicemail instead of ringing their phone.

For now, the update for Verizon customers seems to be available over the air, which means you can snag it simply by tapping the System Update button under Settings. T-Mobile and AT&T subscribers in the US and mobile users in other countries will apparently have to wait on that vague “coming weeks” timeframe before it pops up on their Pixel phones.

If you’re a Pixel owner who’s bumped into this problem but don’t use Verizon, there is another option aside from waiting for the over-the-air update. You can sideload one of the the following factory images that include the update:

If you’ve never sideloaded a factory image on an Android phone, the process can be tricky; make sure to consult Google’s instructions for sideloading. Otherwise, you can wait until the update reaches your phone sometime in the next few weeks.

This marks the second update this month for Pixel phones. In early April, Google rolled out a security update designed to patch certain key vulnerabilities.

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