Get an extra $20 off the Tykr stock tips and training tool ahead of the holidays


This stock tips and training tool is an extra $20 through Dec. 3. 


Investments are an excellent way to supply for a financially ensure future. However, learning to trade by trial and error can quickly get expensive. Fortunately, new users can now get a lifetime of expert trading tips and training with a lifetime subscription to the Premium scheme of Tykr Stock Screener for an additional $20 off with coupon code STOCK through Dec. 3.

Tykr provides a tool for screening stocks so that you can filter them by specific criteria. The interface is very user-friendly. It’s so easy to steer and find information that once you know what to look for, it’s possible to find investment opportunities in only 30 seconds. Better yet, the platform provides the information you need to make more informed investment decisions.

While Tykr does not offer stock advice, it does supply stock alerts and updates in real-time. Tykr’s powerful algorithm categorizes stocks as potential Buys, Sells, or Watch.

Each stock is assigned a score that indicates its financial strength overall, with the highest scores going to the safest investments. There is even a tool to see the Margin of Safety (MOS) of each stock that will help you to comprehend what to expect in potential returns.

You will be able to access a knowledge base that includes in-depth analysis based on research of more than 30,000 domestic and international stocks. So you will have no problem keeping your portfolio diversified. Open source calculations are used to scrutinize each stock, so the process is entirely transparent.

Tykr is so much more than just a tool for screening stocks. The platform also provides an education in managing risk while investing. And since this is a lifetime subscription, you’ll only pay once, then benefit forever with investments that can beat inflation.

You will get stock charts, ratios and detailed financial statements, as well as a tracker that monitors the performance of your portfolio’s investments. You can even take part in the community form of other investors. 

Get a lifetime subscription to the Premium scheme of Tykr Stock Screener through Dec. 3 during our holiday sale for an extra $20 off with coupon code STOCK.

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