TL;DR: Maximize your chance of being hired, helping others get hired or hiring the right people yourself by using the AI tools in a lifetime subscription to the Resso Professional Plan — it’s currently on sale for just $80.

Whether you are applying for jobs as an employee or freelancer, helping others find jobs, offering your services as a consultant or hiring employees, a lifetime subscription to the Resso Professional Plan is the tool you need to find the job you want or the employees you need. It brings advanced AI to both sides of the hiring process, and you can access it forever for only $79.99 at TechRepublic Academy.

About Resso Professional can revolutionize a job search by helping you create outstanding resumes, optimize your LinkedIn profile, ace your job interviews and more. Its AI-powered tools make it easier to land the jobs that will advance your career even in a competitive market. These tools include cover letters, interview questions, interview practice and much more. They were all designed to make it easier for you to stand out among competitors for the jobs you want.

The program uses advanced analytics to maximize your chances for success at job interviews by tracking how well you do with each question. That allows you to perfect your answers until you can give them with confidence.

In addition to job seekers, employers can use to conduct job interviews in real-time and recruiters can save a great deal of time by using AI to pre-interview potential job candidates. Also, schools, career centers, coaches and even government services can help job applicants to succeed simply by offering them the AI tools to create attention-getting resumes and cover letters, then practice for interviews.

There is so much convenient and affordable training available right now that can help start or advance lucrative careers. This is particularly true for tech sector careers, even for beginners. However, once training is completed, the competition for jobs is fierce. That’s why more than 100,000 students around the world use; its tools provide them with the highest success rate for getting hired.

Get a lifetime subscription to the Resso Professional Plan today while it’s available for only $79.99.

Prices and availability are subject to change.

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