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  • Google has announced its generative AI system known as Gemini is coming to Google TV.
  • Gemini will bring AI-powered summaries, suggestions, translations, and more.
  • Google did not give any indication as to when this would roll out.

Google is on a mission to put Gemini into every single thing it does. As such, it was inevitable that Google would announce Gemini is eventually coming to Google TV, the company’s proprietary software skin that lives over some installations of Android TV. The company made this announcement during Google I/O 2024.

However, sometimes AI systems can feel superfluous. That doesn’t appear to be the case with Google TV, though. So far, what Google is describing could be incredibly useful for content discovery and consumption.

First, Gemini could create custom suggestions based on your genre and actor preferences. For example, the normal, one-sentence summary for the film True Romance might be this: “Christian Slater stars in this violent romantic thriller about two young lovers on the wrong side of the law as well as the criminal underworld.” However, if Google TV knows you’re a big fan of Brad Pitt — who has a small but notable role in the film — the AI-generated description could be this: “Brad Pitt cameos in this cult film from the 90s that helped establish his range as an actor and not just a pretty face.” Now, you, in particular, might be enticed to watch this movie based on the custom description when the standard description wouldn’t have grabbed you.

Elsewhere, Gemini could generate information for blank spots in content descriptions. It could also generate translations for content that isn’t in your native language.

Unfortunately, Google wasn’t clear on when Gemini could roll out to Google TV devices. It also gave conflicting information, telling us that it would come exclusively to Google TV in one release and then in another release telling us it would also come to other Android TV devices. Stay tuned for more info!

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