Devolver Digital on June 7 at 2PM ET to celebrate its 15th birthday and drop a bunch of “updates and release dates for upcoming titles.” It’s part of , which also kicks off on June 7 and is quickly becoming the de facto . You can stream the event in a number of ways, including the company’s official website.

What’s likely to be revealed by Devolver at the livestream? The company remains mum, but more information on Skate Story is practically guaranteed. The game was , so a release date is likely. We could also get updates on the action title The Plucky Squire and the Baby Steps. The company has also promised “exciting new reveals”, which could mean just about anything from Hotline Miami 3 to previously unannounced IPs.

One thing’s for sure. The event will most definitely be quirky and entertaining. This has become Devolver’s trademark, as previous livestreams have included , parodies of and game designer Goichi Suda, sort of, .

There are other events already scheduled around Summer Game Fest. The biggest of the bunch will be the . This stream is likely to feature a deep dive .

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