The company said it has recently integrated its app with AI to make it easier for customers to find cars and manage reservations.

SelfDrive Mobility, a global car rental and subscription services company, has announced today (28 May) its expansion into Ireland and the UK.

The Dubai-based company said it now offers vehicle rental and subscription services in Ireland and the UK with a fleet sourced directly from dealerships and car rental companies across more than 30 car brands and 100 locations.

This means that customers in Ireland can now book cars on demand through the SelfDrive website or app.

Soham Shah, founder and CEO of SelfDrive UK, said that the mobility tech company has plans to further grow in the region and provide a “seamless experience” to customers with a £5m investment over the coming years.

SelfDrive said it has also integrated its app with AI to make it easier for customers to find cars and other vehicles of choice and manage reservations, a feature that will soon be available in the UK.

“This futuristic expansion is a testament to our success bringing our expertise into this region,” said Lakshmi Manoj, director of international expansion at the company.

“We are excited that SelfDrive will offer our customers a unique opportunity to rent or subscribe services ranging from one day up to 12 months, including EVs and commercial fleet through our all-in-one super app.”

In an effort to grow in the UK and Ireland market, the company has also launched a new offering with access to more than 15 international airports using only one-time documentation across locations.

“[With this] digital process to simplify service offering to customers with the ability to choose and book vehicles via the super app within minutes, we’re enhancing the journey for everyone involved,” said Denise House, vice-president of supply chain at SelfDrive.

“This is rewarding for our customers and also provides our suppliers with greater reach and new opportunities.”

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