Just like heating problems, this one’s also a little hard to detect. If your laptop is facing issues like abruptly disconnecting from a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth channel or wireless peripherals becoming non-operational owing to a poor connectivity lane, it could result from a software glitch, a bad driver configuration, or a power supply problem to the network adapter inside.

You might also notice that your laptop doesn’t appear in Wi-Fi or Bluetooth scans from other computers. To find the underlying flaw, you can try remedial steps like getting the latest OS update or resetting the network adapter from the system-level troubleshooting dashboard. To make sure, try the airplane mode on/off route and restart the system. If none of that works, there is a high chance that the network adapter hardware is at fault.

Since networking kits like Wi-Fi adapters interface directly with the motherboard, any mechanical damage to the pins, thermal harm, or electrical anomaly would obviously hinder its normal functioning. In such a situation, the only option left is to get a new adapter installed, preferably a first-party replacement, from an authorized service center. If you’re lucky and it’s merely a cable routing issue, it can be fixed without requiring a total part replacement.

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