Many factors need to be considered when it comes to glasses. Some of which will be personal preference, like how they look. Most will be essential things like comfort and prescription options. Here are the key things to consider when shopping for the best blue-light-blocking glasses. 


First and foremost, you must ensure that the blue-light-blocking glasses you like can be tailored to your prescription if you have one. Some options on the market can’t be, making them unsuitable for people who need corrective lenses and blue-light features. 


How often you plan to use your blue-light-blocking glasses will determine things like weight and shape. If you are going to wear them all the time, comfort is essential. If they are a thing you wear every once in a while at your computer at night, then you have more versatility in your selection. 

Blue-light-blocking capabilities

Deciding how much light you want to block out will help you decide which pair is best for you. Glasses with a yellow or orange tint will block out more of the light spectrum. However, they can distort colors on your computer. The clear blue-light glasses won’t do this, but they won’t be able to block out as much light. 

Frame style

This is mainly a personal preference, but your frame style matters. Glasses, while useful, are also a way to express yourself. The good and bad news is you have tons of options to choose from. In addition to shape and style, you can choose from different materials like plastic, acetate and wire. 

Additional features

Depending on how much you plan to use the glasses, you may be interested in features like anti-glare, UV protection or an anti-scratch coating. Not all options offer these features, so look closely to ensure your desired pair fits your needs. 


Blue-light glasses are more affordable than prescription lenses, averaging anywhere from $15 to $100. Prescription options often cost even more. Finding your budget will help you determine which glasses are within your price range. The more additional features you want your glasses to have, the higher the price tag. 

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