Apple could have plans to rename its long-running user account, currently called Apple ID, to Apple Account.

MacRumors cites sources “familiar with Apple’s work” who told the publication the iPhone maker is currently experimenting with the new name and could introduce it as soon as this year.

If the rebrand does land this year, it’s expected to come later in 2024, likely with iOS 18 and macOS 15. These updates will include relevant changes to settings and apps to reflect the branding. It’s not clear whether there will be any functionality changes to go along with the rebrand, but it seems like Apple just plans to change the name, with MacRumors reporting that Apple intends to swap existing mentions of ‘Apple ID’ with ‘Apple Account.’

Apple ID, if you’re not familiar, is the core account system needed to use Apple devices and services. If you have an Apple device, chances are you have an Apple ID so you can access iCloud, download apps from the App Store, use services like Apple Music or TV+, and more. Apple ID has been around for over a decade and is integral to the function of many services and features on the company’s products.

Of course, there’s no guarantee Apple will go ahead with the change. As mentioned up top, Apple is experimenting with Apple Account, which means the company could ultimately scrap the idea or go a different route entirely. And, as MacRumors points out, Apple also often tests multiple product names before launching something. For example, Apple tested various names for the operating system powering its new Vision Pro headset before settling on visionOS , such as realityOS and xrOS.

Source: MacRumors

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