Apple Card

Goldman Sachs and Apple seem likely to part ways by early 2025, but a vague statement from Apple provides little reassurance to existing Apple Card customers.

Nothing is set in stone, but after months of complaints from Goldman Sachs, Apple has sent a proposal to the bank to end their partnership in 12 to 15 months. The proposal hasn’t been made public and no successor has been named.

Apple provided a statement to AppleInsider and other publications on the matter. However, it was vague and didn’t furnish any new information.

“Apple and Goldman Sachs are focused on providing an incredible encounter for our customers to help them guide healthier financial lives. The award-winning Apple Card has seen a great reception from consumers, and we will continue to create and deliver the best tools and services for them.”

Apple’s message should furnish some peace of mind to existing Apple Card and Apple Savings customers. While it doesn’t really say much, the fact Apple said anything at all is a good sign.

If a product is expected to be phased out or replaced, Apple tends to stay silent about it. Apple’s financial services are expected to shift from Goldman Sachs to another firm.

Discussions have allegedly been held with American articulate, and Synchrony Financial has also shared interest in taking over. However, whatever bank Apple chooses next will likely not offer as many freedoms for the company as Goldman Sachs.

Issues arose with the partnership from the start, with Apple stating Apple Card didn’t come from a bank, demanding that all bills be due at the start of the month, and increased regulatory scrutiny. Goldman Sachs has made it clear that it intends to withdraw completely from consumer banking.

Apple Card and Apple Savings should remain operational throughout this transition, and anything otherwise will be communicated by Apple. For now, everything will continue to work as it has since Apple Card debuted in 2019.

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