Amazon is pretty much giving away the Pixel 7 Pro right now, selling the phone at close to half its original price.

Click on that deal button below and you’ll find last year’s Google flagship selling for just £450. That’s a 47% saving on its launch price of £849.

We all expect older phones to receive price cuts, of course, and the Pixel 8 Pro is certainly the current don of the Google range. But consider this: Google’s current affordable option is the Pixel 7a carries an RRP of £449 over on the official Google Store.

That’s a phone with the same processor as the Pixel 7 Pro, but way inferior everything else, yet it’s selling for the same amount as this deal (when it’s not on offer itself).

Save 47% on the Pixel 7 Pro

Save 47% on the Pixel 7 Pro

Amazon is offering the Pixel 7 Pro at nearly half its launch price.

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  • Save 47%
  • Now £450

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The Pixel 7 Pro remains an excellent phone, too. We recently went back to the phone and our 4.5-star review, and concluded that it was “The Android phone you’ll want to own, even in 2024”.

It packs an excellent camera system packed full of clever AI tricks, a lovely crisp QHD+ AMOLED display, solid performance and truly exceptional software. Google’s UI really is the best way to experience Android.

The only hesitation we had over the Pixel 7 Pro within a 2024 context was that of value for money, especially with the Pixel 7a doing its classy thing for half the price. But as we’ve just outlined, this deal blows any such lingering reservations out of the water. It’s a total banger.

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