(Sponsored) Smart home company AiDot has just released its all-new smart purifier, the WELOV P200 Pro, and it’s the first of its kind to be Matter certified. Read on to discover why this is a huge step forward in maintaining the air quality of your home.

AIdot productsAIdot products
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Brought into the fold via Matter’s 1.2 update, the P200 Pro is the first smart air purifier that can be controlled via the Matter ecosystem, offering up a new area of smart home connectivity that the software couldn’t previously communicate with.

For the uninitiated, Matter is a connectivity standard that allows smart home devices from different manufacturers to work seamlessly with one another. Prior to Matter’s launch in October 2022, this type of integration simply wasn’t possible, requiring unique apps and voice assistants depending on the technology at hand. AiDot is one of the few companies to fully embrace Matter, with full integration into the wider network for the best possible smarthome experience.

Matter previously worked with devices like smart bulbs, smart plugs and thermostats but under the 1.2 update, the service has expanded to include fans, robot vacuums and of course, air purifiers.

The WELOV P200 Pro has a raft of features that highlight the unique value in having a Matter certified air purifier

The first is its ability to become part of an automated home in a way other air purifiers simply cannot. For example, it will integrate with your already existing hub in unison with other Matter-certified products such as your lightbulbs, so that with one single voice command you can have the exact ambience, background music and now also air purification that you desire as soon as you enter your home.

AiDot's Matter productsAiDot's Matter products

It’s also uniquely easy to control, with the ability to alter literally any setting via your Matter control panel on your phone or tablet, as well as through voice control on a relevant hub. This is to be expanded very soon to include scheduled power-ups and shut-downs.

Aidot Voice-ControlAidot Voice-Control

Via the Matter ecosystem, the P200 Pro can also send you an alert when the device’s filters need to be replaced, so you won’t be caught out before a set of filters reach the end of their lifespan.

As an extra boon for iPhone users, the P200 Pro can even be synced up with Apple Health and your sleeping patterns therein so that the device can adapt itself to work around your circadian rhythm.

aidot Bedroom closed-upaidot Bedroom closed-up

One of the most exciting features from a specifically air-purifying perspective is the Precise Air Insights technology. This uses a combination of infrared sensors and real-time external environment information to provide the ultimate picture of the surrounding environment, including indoor pollution levels and pollen forecasts.

AIdot App Sleep 2AIdot App Sleep 2

While the WELOV P200 Pro is the first air purifier to be compatible with Matter, it is by no means the first of AiDot’s products to be integrated. Previous devices like the Linkind smart bulbs and Linkind smart plug are also compatible.

AIdot matter productsAIdot matter products
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AiDot shares its support for Matter with other big name brands like Apple, Amazon and Google, and the service is fast becoming the anticipated standard of communication for smart home products, making it easier than ever to build automations without the need for elaborate, multi-app configurations.

The big brands are aligning their products with Matter 1.2 in stages. The next to reach this newest and most powerful standard is Samsung’s SmartThings, in June of this year. The rest are expected to follow shortly behind, so keep an eye out for updates on the brands’ sites. 

SmartThings is an especially exciting platform to integrate with AiDot, as recognised by the Head of SmartThings US, Mark Benson: “SmartThings is thrilled to partner with AiDot in driving the future of smart homes. Through the integration of innovative technologies like Matter 1.2 with AiDot’s forward thinking approach, we will continue enhancing the smart home experience to ensure accessibility and user-friendliness for anyone with a smartphone or hub device.”

Hopefully it is clear, both from the exceptional features listed as well as excitement shown from people within the industry, how much of a step forward for the technological quality of private homes this new technology from AiDot is, especially thanks to its full embrace of Matter 1.2.

Make sure you keep your eye out for updates on this exciting smart home standard, and consider being ahead of the curve and buying the WELOV P200 Pro today.

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