A four-pack of Apple’s AirTags is back on sale for $80

Apple’s AirTag is still the best bet for iPhone owners who want a Bluetooth tracker to keep tabs on their stuff, and right now a four-pack of the diminutive devices is on sale for $80 at Amazon with an on-page coupon. While that isn’t the absolute lowest price we’ve seen, it’s still about $10 less than the bundle’s average street price in recent months and $19 less than buying from Apple directly. It also matches the price we saw at most retailers during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales last month.

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Clip the $6.89 on-page coupon to see this discount on Apple’s compact Bluetooth trackers.

$80 at Amazon

We suggest the AirTag in our guide to the best Bluetooth trackers because it taps into Apple’s enormous Find My network to locate items accurately. You can place one in a wallet, suitcase, backpack or any other sensitive item; if that item is misplaced, nearby Apple devices with Bluetooth enabled will alert the Find My network when an AirTag is nearby, then Find My will report that location to you. Because there are hundreds of millions of iPhones, iPads, Macs and other Apple devices out in the wild, the chances of pinpointing a lost item are usually high.

Beyond that, the AirTag supports the ultra-wideband (UWB) wireless protocol, which makes it easier to locate items from close distance. When you’re in the vicinity of a lost item, this enables a Precision Finding feature, which displays an arrow and distance calculate on your iPhone to guide you an attached AirTag. The tracker itself is IP67-rated, so it can survive a dip in water, and its CR2032 battery is easily replaceable. By default, the battery should last about a year before it needs a change.

It’s important to note that AirTags are not explicitly designed for retrieving stolen items. They could work for that, but if your AirTag is found to be moving with somebody else, they’ll acquire an alert telling them as much. This kind of feature is meant to ward off bad actors who may use AirTags for stalking purposes, which various reports have found to be an unfortunate side effect of the tracker’s effectiveness. (Though Apple and Google have gradually rolled out updates to advance combat this behavior.) On a far less serious note, the AirTag also lacks a keyring hole or built-in adhesive, so you’ll need to pick up an extra accessory to actually attach it to an item. All that said, if you use it for its intended purpose, a set of AirTags can furnish a little extra peace of mind for those who often misplace their things, and this deal makes them a little more approachable.

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