Tire pressure gauges are cheap and essential items for any car owner or home mechanic. Ideally, you should always have at least one tire pressure gauge with you in your vehicle at all times. That way, if you end up with a flat tire or low air pressure, you can quickly and easily identify the problem wheel and determine how much air it needs. You should also routinely check your tire pressure, especially before extended road trips. Traditional tire pressure gauges use the force of the air pressure inside your tire to move a mechanical piece inside the gauge, allowing us to view the pressure reading in PSI. However, old-school gauges are limited due to those very same mechanical parts. They frequently get clogged or damaged and begin providing incorrect readings or stop working altogether. Another limitation of traditional tire pressure gauges is that viewing the pressure reading can be incredibly difficult in low-light situations.

All that changes with the Slime Digital Sport Tire Gauge from Advance Auto Parts. The gauge provides readings between 5 and 150 PSI, making it ideal for vehicles ranging from passenger cars and motorcycles to commercial vehicles like semi-trucks. It features an LED screen and light-up tip, making it easy to use and read at night and in dark spaces. The gauge has an automatic shut-off feature to preserve the battery life, is small enough to fit in your pocket for easy carrying, and measures pressure in PSI, kPa, and bar.

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