Crunchyroll, which challenges Netflix with mobile games now, was once the go-to streaming service for Japanese animation. However, since other platforms recognized the demand for anime, Crunchyroll no longer leads the pack. It has fallen to the fourth most popular service for Millenials and Gen Z to get their anime fix. Be that as it may, it’s undeniable that Crunchyroll has the largest anime library.

Since Crunchyroll and its parent company (Sony) initiated a partnership with anime giant Funimation, the service has delivered thousands of popular titles, such as “Attack on Titan” and “Demon Slayer.” Those who like to stay current with the genre get to watch new releases only one hour after they premiere in Japan. A feature that no other streaming giant can boast.

The service does come with an ad-supported free option, but not every title is available, and there’s a longer wait for new releases. However, $8 is not a terrible price to pay to access the world’s largest anime library.

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