If you’re somebody who likes to do their fishing in the early morning or just after sunset, you’ll want to have some lighting. You can easily use your cell phone for this, but you can opt for a lantern that’ll allow you to converse phone life. The Braun lantern sold at Harbor Freight comes with a water-resistant build, so it’s perfect for taking on a fishing trip. Reviews for this one in particular are nearly perfect, with a 4.9/5 rating on Harbor Freight’s website.

There are a total of four different light settings — high, medium, low, and night — that will allow you to determine how bright or dark you want it to be on the water. This will be a better option than a phone, thanks to the 360 degrees of light, something a phone just isn’t able to do. You can pick this up for $24.99, and even if you don’t always use it for fishing, there are other ways it can be helpful. The relatively low price is a big selling point for many customers who left a review. A lantern is very nice to have while camping, for example, and Harbor Freight is full of things that will enhance your next trip.

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