If you have a boat to tow, frequent dump runs to make, or other tasks that require a pickup truck, a Dodge Power Wagon might be the best project vehicle for you. When the Power Wagon hit the market in 1946, it joined the Jeep CJ-2A as one of the only commercially available four-wheel drive vehicles available to consumers. Dodge marketed the truck as a successor to its World War II vehicles, and the company made more than 95,000 Power Wagons between 1946 and 1968. 

The original Power Wagon was rated at 3/4 ton. Beginning in 1949, the truck was offered with optional farm implements like plows and rotary hoes. The truck evolved steadily over the next couple of decades, slowly gaining amenities like power steering and brakes and a more powerful engine. The Power Wagon badge was dropped in the early ’80s when Dodge began labeling its trucks as Rams, but since 2005, the Power Wagon name has been used for certain Ram 2500 specialty packages. 

It’s not hard at all to find a ’60s or ’70s Power Wagon for under $10,000, and parts are easily found both online and at national chain stores. It’s best to seek out a model made in 1955 or later, as that’s when Dodge switched from a 6-volt electrical system to the modern 12-volt standard.    

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