If you’re looking for something you hold in your hand for karaoke, then the Bonoak wireless microphone will be right up your alley. For $49.99 from Amazon, you can pick up a mic that will also double as a speaker if you ever need that type of functionality. While it’s billed as a karaoke mic first and foremost, you can use it for more than just that, whether it’s podcasting or making videos. There are all sorts of colors to pick from, and you’ll have a big decision to make as all of them come in at the same price.

The user reviews are very strong: Based on well over 80,000 ratings on Amazon, the Bonoak Bluetooth mic has a 4.4/5 score. The speaker is the biggest cause for concern, but that’s going to be something you get as a bonus more than a selling point. If you’re looking for something you can hold in your hand versus clipping to your shirt, this is a fine option.

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