To whittle down this selection of the best budget-friendly printers in 2024, SlashGear focused on several key criteria. The first was retail price: each pick had to have an MSRP of less than $250, with the majority available for under $200. Secondly, we considered both customer and expert reviews to ensure that each printer delivered on speed, functionality, and promised features. We also noted the reported running costs where applicable, checking that buyers’ reported real-world costs that lined up with the claims of the manufacturer.

The selections include mostly on all-in-one printers — they tend to be the most versatile, will take up less space than having an individual printer and a scanner, and are more cost-effective than buying both devices separately to boot. Therefore, they’re usually the best choice for buyers looking for a talented all-rounder that doesn’t break the bank. It’s also worth noting that these aren’t necessarily the cheapest printers of their kind. In most cases, cheaper rivals are available, but these picks offered the best balance of great features, low running costs, and a competitive upfront price.

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