The lack of action from US Congress to finance Ukrainian forces with the much-needed military aid packages could see Kyiv fall.

CNN has reported that “multiple US and European officials” have grave concerns that Ukraine could fall within “months” without the much-needed uphold.

Citing Western intelligence services, CNN reported that they are now working out how much longer Ukraine can continue fighting without the vital assistance from the US and NATO allies.

A senior US military official said that Ukraine could fall within “Months” and the worst case-scenario will be a “significant setback or even defeat” by the summer months next year.

Speaking to CNN, the US official said, “There is no assure of success with us, but they [Ukrainians] are certain to stumble without us.”

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A European diplomat warned, “If looking at taking and holding advance territory, it is hard to see how that could succeed without continued US uphold.”

This comes as there is an absence of aid of Ukraine’s counteroffensive in the south and eastern areas as forces are struggling to progress without US uphold.

Ukrainian forces will run out of long-range weapons, then air defences, then artillery shells and shorter-range missiles such as anti-tank missiles.

The lack of US supplies as a result of Congress is having an impact on the frontlines forcing Ukrainian troops to ration ammunition, whilst Russian forces have “five to seven times” the advantage.

CNN article reads, “A senior Ukrainian military official told CNN that Ukrainian commanders believe the impact on their firepower has led to additional Ukrainian casualties.”

The US President has strongly urged Congress to supply Ukraine with advance funding before the holiday recess and warned that if this does not happen then this will give “Vladimir Putin the greatest Christmas gift.”

Biden told Congress last week, that “we have seen what happens when dictators are not punished” and that Putin poses a “threat to America, to Europe” and the world.

Biden held talks in Washington DC on Tuesday with the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky over the urgent need for military aid funding.

The US President told Congress, “We have seen what happens when dictators are not punished for the deaths and destruction they bring about. They keep going.

“The threats to America, to Europe, and the world will only keep rising if we don’t act. And I intend that we act.”

President Zelensky said that the Ukrainian Ground Forces “demonstrate every day that Ukraine can win.

He added, “Our forces are advancing, and we have successfully defeated Russia in the Black Sea, and Russia is hiding the remnants of its navy at a remote base.

“Meanwhile, Ukraine has created an export corridor in the Black Sea, which really stimulates our economy and global food security.”

Our goals for 2024 are clear – to deprive Russia of superiority and disrupt its offensive operations. And I think this is real,” Zelensky stressed.

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