Martin Lewis has issued an urgent 12-hour warning to Easyjet customers.

The money saving expert has warned customers that the discount airline is launching its March to June 2025 flights tomorrow (Tuesday, May 21) from around 6am.

Issuing a call to his followers, Martin said that getting in early can save hundreds of pounds as flight prices ‘can rise by £100s’ even a few hours after the launch morning.

Martin Lewis said: “Just heard Easyjet launching its March to June 2025 flights tomorrow from 6am-ish. Bagging them the moment they launch (browser refreshing type thing) is often (no guarantee) the way to get them at the cheapest possible rate.

“Flights can rise by £100s even after a couple of hours of launch morning. So if you’re going to book, try early.

“PS Cheapest possible, doesn’t necessarily mean cheap, do check what a decent rate is before booking.”

Previously, Martin explained how Easyjet uses ‘dynamic pricing’, which means the earlier you get in, the cheaper the prices are, and the cost slowly rises as demand increases.

He said: “Now you may know that Easyjet has demand pricing, so its pricing is dynamic based on how many people are trying to buy tickets for a flight. If there’s a lot of demand, the price goes up, if there’s less demand the price goes down, so usually the very cheapest point is when flights are launched.”

He added: “To give you an example of how this works from this time a year ago when it launched the same seats a year ago, Vicky Green tweeted me “thanks Martin, flights nabbed at 6.15 for Christmas in Lanzarote for £215 cheaper per seat than what they’re now showing.

“And she sent that at 8am, so the booking was a 6.15am, they’re £215 more expensive by 8am.”

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