Introducing Hot Money: The New Narcos

The Financial Times’ award-winning narrative podcast series “Hot Money” is back with a new season and a new investigation. It begins with a mysterious murder in a small town and leads to a cocaine super cartel, and a secret proxy war between democracies and dictatorships.

A middle-aged electrician is murdered in a quiet Amsterdam suburb. The case leads to a web of drugs, money laundering and state-sponsored assassinations that stretches from Dublin to Dubai. At the center is a cocaine super cartel that is revolutionising the global drugs market.

Listen below as Financial Times investigative reporter Miles Johnson exposes the ever-fuzzier line between criminals and legitimate business people and between governments and gangsters.

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Introducing Hot Money: The New Narcos

Miles Johnson is an investigative reporter for the FT. In over a decade working at the newspaper he has previously held roles as Rome Correspondent, Capital Markets Editor, Investment Editor and Hedge Fund Correspondent in London. He has also reported on the European debt crisis as Madrid Correspondent and on finance from New York.

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