Gold prices were volatile today as traders reacted to the death of the Iranian president at a time when geopolitical risks remain high in the Middle East.

Concerns about escalations in the conflict in Eastern Europe could also support the yellow metal. Furthermore, sustained interest from Chinese investors and the Chinese central bank could continue to limit downside risks for gold prices although price corrections could occur as the asset hits a peak.

Gold could continue to benefit from growing speculation that the Federal Reserve may cut interest rates following the release of recent economic data. Last week’s reports showed a slowdown in US consumer inflation and stagnant retail sales, which could give the Fed more room to initiate monetary easing.

Lower rates could enhance the appeal of non-yielding assets like gold. All eyes are now on insights from Federal Reserve officials speaking throughout this week. Gold could come under pressure if the Fed’s narrative continues to point towards maintaining high rates for longer. Fed Governor Michelle Bowman reiterated that inflation is expected to fall with steady rates, though she is open to hikes if progress stalls.

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