Shoreline, which provides automated software to help businesses repair issues on computer systems, is reportedly on track to be acquired by the world’s most valuable company.

Massive chipmaker Nvidia is expanding its horizons with a deal to acquire software start-up Shoreline, according to sources speaking with Bloomberg.

The deal values the start-up – which was founded by a former Amazon Web Services (AWS) executive – at around $100m, according to the sources, but neither company has commented on the deal.

Shoreline develops automated software to help businesses quickly spot and repair production incidents on computer systems. The company was founded by Anurag Gupta, a former AWS VP who was in charge of analytical and relational database infrastructure.

Gupta claims him and his oversaw “millions of automated production deployments”, but that this level of automation didn’t exist for production operations.

“The cloud made development faster, but production ops hasn’t kept up,” Gupta says on the Shoreline website. “Dev is easier, but ops is harder.

“At AWS, we got there by automating away one thing each week and relentlessly executing on improved operations. It made our lives a lot better. Shoreline provides these benefits to everybody.”

Nvidia has been a key player in the growing AI market, by being a supplier of powerful hardware to supply the various AI ambitions in the tech sector. The company has been on a rapid rise in value and recently became the most valuable company in the world, ahead of Microsoft and Apple.

Nvidia reached a valuation of $1trn last year thanks to its focus on AI chips and hit the $2trn milestone briefly in February. The chipmaker managed to surge to a market cap of $3.02trn earlier this month, pushing Apple down to the third position.

Apple managed to regain its position behind Microsoft last week after its Worldwide Developers Conference, when it finally made a push into AI with its ‘Apple Intelligence’ announcement. But Nvidia was able to quickly bridge the gap and soared ahead of Apple and Microsoft, with all three reaching record valuations.

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