These two models are based on the same platform, and launched at the same time in Japan. Although they have a similar base, the Brevis and the Progrès target different buyers. The latter is marketed towards compact luxury car buyers, while the former is directed towards younger buyers who want something a bit sportier and competes with the likes of Mercedes C-Class and BMW 3 Series.

The base model Progrès offers the 1JZ-GE engine, producing 198 horsepower. However, its two more expensive variants come with the larger 2JZ-GE (the non-turbo variant of the 2JZ-GTE), so you might want to go for that instead. On the other hand, the Brevis offers the 1JZ-FSE engine for its lower variants, while the top trim gets a 2JZ-FSE. This engine gets direct injection, but still has the same 198 horsepower output as the 1JZ-GE.

Prices for used examples of the Brevis and Progrès range between $1,500 to $6,500, making them pretty affordable models to purchase. However, these numbers do not include import fees, so you should consider that if you’re building a budget for your dream project car. Also, since the oldest models of both the Brevis and the Progrès were made in 2001, you still have to wait a couple more years before you can legally bring them into the U.S. and drive them under the 25-Year Import Rule.

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