From the very beginning, the Wagoneer marked itself as a more decadent take on the SUV, and made moves towards enhancing that image right from its 1963 model year debut. By 1966, the Super Wagoneer was offering power steering and air conditioning, the forerunners of such features as the customizable climate control of the latest model years’ Wagoneers.

A huge, rugged, powerful, stubborn vehicle family, the Wagoneer evolved into the 2023 L models SlashGear deemed “living rooms on wheels” on a First Drive experience in October 2023. The question today has been just how far it evolved from that point. To arrive at a conclusion, we explored each trim of the ’23 and ’24 Wagoneer, and the features and engine options provided by them. Financial concerns being paramount too, it was crucial to consider the price differences between each trim and tie all of these factors together with the potential difference that trim options and the engine change would make to fuel economy. 

With all of these things taken into account, it’s evident that 2024’s Wagoneer hasn’t experienced the most radical changes from the 2023 Jeep, with both years’ suites of trim-differentiating features remaining largely the same. The greatest benefit from choosing the new model will seemingly go to those whose Wagoneer previously boasted the Hemi engine, who are sure to appreciate the Hurricane’s performance.

[Image by HJUdall via Wikimedia Commons | Resized /CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication]

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